"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep" - Scott Adams


Richard Stafford (Photo courtesy of Niall Murray)

I am a photographer and educator based in Cavan, Ireland. I first encountered photography at around ten years of age in my father’s darkroom. Equipped with a Yashica SLR I learned the basics of exposure and composition and brought black and white film to life in a converted attic darkroom. Although fascinated with the darkroom it wasn’t until many years later around 2001 with the advancement of digital SLRs that I took a serious look at the art of image making.

Increasingly over the past twelve years photography has played an important part in my life. For me, the curiosity and attraction is the creative process. The ability to create and interpret what you see into something that can communicate to others. I gain incredible satisfaction from it. We are all born innately creative. I see my own young children express their creativity daily and often question what happens as we grow into adults and seemingly suppress it. Is it society? Is it a hangover from the industrial age where productivity and process triumphed? I think back to my own time as a kid and remember fondly the creative things I did as a normal part of growing up. I want to experience that freedom of creativity again and share it with others.

In July 2014 I took leave of the corporate world to establish a new venture in photography. Since I started my career in 1993 I have carved a path in the corporate world with a couple of excursions into smaller/startup enterprises. Those experiences have shaped me and delivered the most incredible highs and very difficult lows. I have experienced success and experienced failure, both essential in helping me understand who I am and where I am going. My desire to take up the utmost creative challenge, combining my passion in photography with my experience in business, has led me to launch this new venture in photography education.